Grundig Mid Wall Spit Unit 12000BTU Inverter Air Conditioner Indoor And Outdoor Bundle Colour White- (GIN 120 ,GIN 121) Retail Box 1 Year Warranty
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Introducing the Grundig inverter air conditioning unit that is perfect for both residential and commercial use. The  Grundig Mid Wall Spit Unit 12000BTU Inverter Air Conditioner can be used all year round. It will keep your home or office cool and fresh during the summer months and toasty and warm throughout the winter and has a host of features making this one of the best choices when choosing an air-conditioner unit.
This bundle comprises of two elements - an indoor internal and an outdoor external  unit-The internal unit is fitted to a metal mounting plate on a wall in the room to be cooled or heated , whilst the external unit is situated outside the building. The two are connected using copper pipes. The external unit, or condenser, removes the heat from the room and dissipates it outside, along with any condensation that’s built-up in the system, whilst the internal unit provides cooling or heating.
Does not come with Brackets for installation. Always use a reputable installer and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines

• Mid Wall Spit Unit 12000BTU Inverter Air Conditioner Indoor And Outdoor Bundle
• Energy Efficiency Cooling: 3.21 (B Rating) and Energy Efficiency Heating: 3.41 (A+ Rating)
• 2 x High Density Filters, 1 x Active Carbon Filter, 1 x Cold Catalyst Filter
• LCD Remote Control
• LED Digital Display (Indoor Panel)
• Jet Cool & Jet Heat
• Dehumidifying Function
• Auto-Restart Function
• Automatic Temperature Control
• Auto Air Direction (Up-Down)
• Self Clean Function
• Zone Follow Function
• Gold Fin Feature
• Sleep Mode
• 24hrs Timer Function
• Defrost Function
• Variable Fan Speeds: (Low, Medium, High, Auto & Turbo)
• 52dBA Noise Level


High Density Filter
-Compared with ordinary dust filter, this high density filter can remove more than 50% dust and other particles. Just simply wash out the dust filter with water and you can enjoy fresh air every day.

Active Carbon Filter-Absorbs any odour present in the room and keeps the air fresh.

Gold Fin-The unique anticorrosive golden coating on the evaporator & condenser can withstand the salty air, rain and other corrosive elements. And also effectively prevent bacteria breeding and improve heat transfer efficiency.
With gold fin; the evaporator & condenser can improve the heating efficiency by accelerating the defrosting process.

ZoneFollow-More precise and effective temperature controlling. The remote controller sensor will sense and provide conditioned air temperature to the location of the user. With the ZoneFollow function, conditioned air could provide maximum comfort temperature to user.

Self-Clean-A super slit fin inside the indoor unit helps your air conditioner condensate the water out. Thus, keeping the air conditioner spotless and also the air around your house. And when you turn the unit off, the unit will keep running to make sure the coil surfaces are totally dry, protecting them from getting rusty. Then, the unit will stop automatically. Top protection, 24/7.With Self Clean, air conditioner could provide clean air to user, prohibiting spreading of bacteria.

Low Ambient Heating-With the special design on product, the air conditioner can perfectly operates heating function well when outside temperature at-15ᵒC. Enjoy warm temperature with t-shirt in house even outside is -15ᵒC.

Jet Cool-Official partner of... lazy gym enthusiasts. Convincing yourself to work out at home is pretty hard. So when you finally start doing it and start heating up, you need to fix the room temperature quickly, or you'll probably just lose your drive and get back on the lazy train. Thankfully, the Jet Cool Function on the remote control of your air conditioner gives you a larger airflow that helps you drop the room temperature really fast: 5°C in only several minutes. Now you have no more excuses.

Jet Heat-Official partner of... morning fresh starters. It's nice to open up the windows in the morning and let the cool, fresh air come in. However, during the winter, by the time you close them back again, you might also need to put your jacket on. But don't worry. The Jet Heat Function of your portable air conditioner will turn the heat up in your home in an instant, by blowing a larger airflow faster. So freshen up as much as you want.



• Stock Code GIN121_120_12K_BUNDLE
• Description Grundig Mid Wall Spit Unit 12000BTU Inverter Air Conditioner Indoor And Outdoor Bundle
• Product Type Indoor Wall mounted  Split Unit 12000 BTU With Outdoor Unit That Contains The Condenser
• Recommended room size of 16-27 m²
• Control system  LCD Remote Control
• Cooling system Energy Efficiency Cooling: 3.21 (B Rating)
• Heating system Energy Efficiency Heating: 3.41 (A+ Rating)
• Variable Fan Speeds  Low, Medium, High, Auto & Turbo
• Noise Level  52dBA
• Dehumidifying Function, Auto-Restart Function, Automatic Temperature Control, Auto Air Direction (Up-Down)
• Health and Safety  Always use a reputable installer and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines
• Does not come with Brackets for installation
• Colour White


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